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Virtual Surfing is now available for PS5

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Superior Water Animation - Real Time and Interactive

Breaking Wave Blue Glow
Breaking Wave Green
Sunset Inside Barrel

Experience the New Technology - Live, VR, Physical

A new dimension of realism when it comes to real-time ocean rendering and simulation. Jump in!

Build large water sce­neries and brea­king waves for a real-time ad­ven­ture

Insert ob­jects like surf boards and ex­perience their physi­cally correct behavior

Plat­form inde­pendent
For Win­dows, OS X and Linux

Now available: QUANTUM ENGINE

With Quantum Engine Waveor brings you never seen real-time rendered water surfaces with breaking waves, detailed foam splash and complex lighting. Moreover Quantum Engine accelerates any 3D model authenically by forces arising from the ocean and other influences as weights and motors. This allows to create games, simulations and movies that are physically complex and graphically overwhelming. Convince yourself in our techdemo where we also demonstrate Virtual Surfing, a complex surfing game/simulation, that was entirely made with QUANTUM ENGINE.

Watch the QUANTUM ENGINE Techdemo:

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